Is Excelsior Realty a Good Place to Work?

Excelsior Realty is an established firm bringing a wealth of industry knowledge to an environment where real estate agents can speak their minds freely, grow their careers, take advantage of technology, and earn steady commissions. All of which makes it an ideal place for agents. There are thousands of firms operating across the country, but Excelsior Realty has its unique strengths and offers agents certain advantages.

Leadership by example

Excelsior Realty founder Douglas Cabral believes that successful leadership can only happen through example and complete dedication to the team. Cabral hasn't fallen short on these aspects. At his firm, he encourages one-on-one coaching and mentoring for his agents, which propels their careers for faster growth.

He provides them with tips and tricks of the trade on how to close a sale at a faster rate and how to communicate with clients effectively. Much in the way he was able to sell the fifth highest valued home in North Fork in Long Island in 2021 and the oldest family-owned restaurant Claudio's in Greenport, New York in 2018.

Every voice is heard

Cabral is a believer of collaboration and unity. Both his firm and agents have a higher chance for success when everyone has a voice, and every voice is heard. He enthusiastically refers to his firm's work environment where everyone can speak up freely as "organized chaos."

Excelsior Realty doesn't dissent from the traditional practices of training and sales meetings, but the firm guides its agents on a personal level. Cabral encourages methods like shadowing and one-on-one coachings. Through this rigorous and engaging training, agents develop skills relevant to their careers like creation of a story, attention to detail, and listening skills.

Great technology at agents' fingertips

Excelsior Realty positions itself as a technology-driven real estate platform. Cabral invested several hundred thousand dollars in testing and developing software and systems to streamline the acquisition and selling process. Ultimately, Cabral hopes his platform can deliver the best technology and experience for his agents.

Some firms spend a significant amount on software development but fall short on education and training, rendering the platforms ineffective. Cabral's foresight into this need drove him to invest substantial capital and resources into training his agents on how to utilize the systems fully.

Cabral is convinced that technology is only as good as its user. He makes sure that his firm and his team take full advantage of the technology they have to create powerful and compelling stories that move people in the sales process faster. He pushes his firm to use tools that are already available at their fingertips in creating anecdotes, like photography and social media.

Business expansion and steady commission

Excelsior Realty offers buyers and sellers access to its platform, which allows them to connect with targeted searches and data to make better decisions. As each transaction requires a certain level of local knowledge, the firm's technology pairs the suitable agents with clients according to the location and complexity of the transaction. This ensures clients get the best experience for real estate acquisition and selling.

The firm's capital investments into technology and training allow its team to achieve better and faster results for clients. This ensures a steady flow of business and commission. Since its launch, the firm has serviced many clients and has expanded its territory to include Nassau and Suffolk counties.

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