How To Reduce Household Electricity Bills By Purchasing The Right Portable Air Conditioner

Energy prices are now expected to increase by 50 percent on average in 2022. Coal prices, natural gas prices, and crude oil prices are projected to increase in 2022 by 81 percent, 74 percent (average of the European, Japan, and U.S. benchmarks), and 42 percent, respectively.

Moreover, energy prices are expected to remain higher for longer. Relative to January 2022 projections, the prices of energy commodities are now expected to be 46 percent higher on average in 2023.

People are all looking for ways to save money, and many of us would love the added benefit of increasing our sustainability at the same time. Well, when it comes to energy, cost effective solutions are also the best way to save you money.

The need for cost effective air cooling solutions

With the continuous rise of energy costs, the first thing beneficial to do is to lower your energy usage. A normal air conditioner that runs all night costs $4 per night. Add up the running costs across the month, the total will be $120 just on air conditioning.

While some components of energy are beyond people's control, everyone can make a wise choice with cost effective portable air conditioners.

There are portable air conditioners that consume less electricity and can also work in low-voltage areas. This makes monthly electricity and power bills significantly lower.

Also, a mini split might be beneficial for cooling a crowd. But do you sleep with a crowd? You can be cool and comfortable and save so much by using Coolzy for sleeping.

Is Coolzy's air conditioner the cheapest to run?

A Coolzy is by far the least expensive way to stay cool with real air conditioning from a small, portable unit.

A mini-split will need about 1,000 watts on average for a medium-sized room, and up to 1,800 watts for a larger room in the humid summer heat. The least you can expect to pay is $1,700-$2,800 to have one installed.

Allow $80 monthly to pay that off on a credit card over three years. Next, add $55-$95 monthly for the electricity to run for five summer months. That's with the average US electricity tariff at $0.15. In some cities, the electricity bill will be twice as much. You'll pay $3,600-$4,400 in just the first three years.

With Coolzy, $18 a month will pay it off over three years, and your monthly electric bill will be around $18. At the end of three years, you will have paid at least $2,500 less than your friend with a mini-split. Every month in summer, you will be saving more than your monthly costs.

If you already have a split air conditioner installed and buy a Coolzy to use instead, you will save about $1,800 over the first 3 years. After you have paid it off, you will save about $800 every year. Not to mention the cost of annual maintenance on each split air conditioner.

It gets even better. You will need a mini-split in every room where you need cooling. Weighing 34 pounds, Coolzy is so easy to move, you take it where you use it.

Toby Osmond

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