How to live your best health with Rachel Taylor's Medication Detox

It's a no-brainer. The country spends a lot of money on health care, and we have sufficient data to prove it. The most recent statistics show that health care spending accounts for nearly a fifth of the US economy, 19.7% of the country's gross domestic product. In 2020, health care spending skyrocketed and increased by 9.7%, reaching $4.1 trillion or approximately $12,530 per capita. In contrast, inflation-adjusted data suggests Americans only spent $1,875 on health care five decades ago.

Money isn't the only thing the US is doling out extravagantly on health care; it's also allotting a significant amount of time for medical care. Survey shows that patients had to spend 123 minutes, on average, to seek medical attention, that's about 38 minutes of travel time and 86 minutes of clinic time.

Despite the expenses and medical attention, chronic diseases still afflict approximately 133 million Americans, representing 40% of the entire population. These figures send out a message that either the country isn't doing enough or it's doing something too much but in the wrong direction. Interestingly, according to board-certified physician Rachel Reinhart Taylor M.D, most of these diseases are actually reversible. After working and treating her patients for years, she has observed that it's possible to reverse these diseases by incorporating a sustainable lifestyle change, essentially putting the patient back in the driver's seat.

Dr. Taylor details her findings and research-based methods to improve patients' health in her book Medication Detox: How to Live Your Best Health, Simplified. The book guides its readers on how to make small but impactful changes that can drastically improve their health, such that they can wean off their medications.

If the principles are employed correctly, Dr. Taylor expects readers to be able to recognize the best healing method, avoid the rising costs of healthcare, decrease their need for medications, simplify their lifestyle to gain more time on their hands, and have more confidence in their ability to manage their health.

One reader has noted how Medication Detox has helped him understand what might be causing the most prevalent illnesses today, which is crucial to disease prevention.

"Dr. Taylor's book offers an insight into the lives of doctors and the dichotomy of the practice of medicine versus the realities of life. Addressing common issues of sleep deprivation, fatigue, acne, and other common illnesses prevalent in the 21st century through anecdotal evidence and easy-to-digest scientific findings. The book provides would-be patients an understanding of what might be causing their ailments before their next doctor's appointment and maybe sidestep another prescription drug or begin to roll off medications that might be doing more harm than good."

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