How Shaw Sports Turf's Game ON technology takes field design to the next level

Ever since it was introduced more than 50 years ago, synthetic turf has increased in popularity because of the aesthetically pleasing result it provides for fields and stadiums. The non-profit trade association for synthetic turfs estimates that there are 13,000 artificial fields installed across the country.

The neat and pristine look synthetic turf provides is just one element to field design. Stadiums and schools that use artificial fields can get more creative and unrestrained in building branding and creating plans and outlines than might not be possible with natural grass.

There's little doubt that artificial turfs provide more creative freedom, but it still requires maintenance. In the traditional methods of installing artificial turfs, the design elements are cut and sewn or glued together onto the infills to create inlays. One maintenance issue with this method is that these design elements are sometimes susceptible to detachment. This is why maintenance is crucial, it keeps the design and branding intact and keeps the field a high-performing , consistent playing surface.

Shaw Sports Turf has introduced the latest innovation that will revolutionize the synthetic turf industry--the Game ON technology. Shaw Sports Turf is confident that its new method of putting together design elements and the synthetic field itself will allow a higher level of performance, better design capabilities, and increased branding opportunities.

Through Game ON, schools and sports stadiums would be able to flawlessly incorporate hash marks, logos, and numbers onto their fields. Unlike the conventional method, the design elements are tufted into the field to give the turf a more seamless finish and less necessary maintenance with no loose inlays to fix.

When Shaw Sports Turf launched Game ON, its goal was to make the integration of large logos, patterns, and watermarks possible to help schools and facilities really showcase their brand in a new and grand way. This is made possible not just by the tufting method but by the availability of all 23 standard colors and other custom colors.

Shaw Sports Turf's desire to constantly reinvent the wheel helps them stay ahead of the game and offer higher quality products to schools, stadiums and parks. "We've spent considerable time listening to customer needs, carefully assessing market needs, and examining additional opportunities for our products. Thanks to this deliberate development process, Game ON delivers a high-quality product designed with multiple benefits that give schools that extra ability of self-expression," says Shaw Turf Executive Vice President Chuck McClurg.

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