How Shaw Sports Turf's Game ON technology reduces synthetic turf maintenance cost

A stadium's playing surface is one of the essential components in an athletic environment. It plays a factor in players' and athletes' overall performance and safety. Over the past few decades, many stadiums and schools have shifted from natural grass to synthetic turf, putting the artificial field into the spotlight.

There are many perceived benefits to using synthetic turf. For one, it gives schools and athletic facilities the creative freedom to incorporate detailed logos. Furthermore, artificial turfs also need less maintenance than natural turfgrass, which requires constant mowing, fertilization, and irrigation. Slacking off of maintaining natural turf would lead to bare spots that ruin the overall design and make the field an inconsistent playing surface.

This doesn't mean that artificial turf is maintenance-free, which is a common misconception. But, while synthetic fields also need care, the maintenance is considered lesser than natural turfgrass.

During artificial turf maintenance, crews need to regularly check all joints and seams. Any loose or bare spots need to be repaired immediately to avoid further damage to the field. The country's current generation of synthetic turf relies on strong and routine maintenance to keep fields in optimal condition. This is because the designs and logos in traditional artificial turfs are cut and glued together. While it gives a creative look to athletic fields, the inlays have the potential to come loose and require maintenance to remedy the issue.

Shaw Sports Turf eliminates this concern through new revolutionary Game ON technology. This latest innovation exclusive to Shaw Sports Turf incorporates designs by tufting in logos, hash marks, and numbers directly onto the field, providing less cut in areas, effectively reducing time and costs of maintenance.

On top of the reduced expenses, the Game ON technology also provides schools and stadiums with a better finish to the field design and the opportunity to be more creative with design. Superintendent for Warren Local School District Kyle Newton has this to say about Shaw Sports Turf's latest innovation, "with Game ON, every school has the opportunity to create something that is a true differentiator. When that was presented to me, I was so excited to see what we could do with it."

Synthetic turf has changed considerably since its inception, and methods of incorporating designs and cuts are getting better. Shaw Sports Turf's natural inclination to constantly look for better alternatives makes it the current leader in the artificial turf industry.

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