How Kacific Broadband Satellites Ltd aims to meet the Asia Pacific region's broadband needs

Telecommunication plays a crucial role in the socio-economic development of communities. Despite the recent advances in communications and technologies, only 20% of Asia Pacific's population has access to broadband services. Kacific Broadband Satellite Ltd. sees the gap and plans to make a rapid and lasting change in the underserved communities in the Southeast Asian region.

Kacific's strategy to accomplish its vision of becoming the forerunner of digital transformation in vulnerable communities revolves around three value propositions--affordability, accessibility and flexibility.


To lower the cost of entry for end-users, Kacific takes advantage of the latest satellite technology. The strategic choice to make Kacific1 a High Throughput Satellite means Kacific to use multiple spot beams and reuse frequency, reducing the cost per bandwidth.

Kacific supplements its Kacific1 satellite with state-of-the-art teleport, hub and managed service network to further control and streamline the value chain and lower the prices per GB or Mbps to end-users.

The launch of Kacific1 has drastically lowered the price point per GB of data capacity by 40% in the markets Kacific operates in. Even in its least affluent target markets, Kacific operates well below the affordability target set by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and UNESCO, where 1GB should be lower than 2% of the Gross National Index (GNI) per capita.


Kacific makes the internet accessible to anyone, anywhere under the Kacific1 coverage - even in remote and far-flung locations.

First, with Kacific1 being a Geostationary satellite, end-users can now access the internet with simple, low-cost, easy-to-install and easily transportable satellite dishes without the need for expensive and complicated equipment setup.

Kacific's partnership with local enterprises has also disrupted the value chain, levelling the internet prices in many of the markets and translating the savings directly to the end-user.

Lastly, Kacific has built an extensive distribution network with over 450 partners, resellers, and distributors across 25 different countries, with regional warehouses available for rapid deployment, no matter the end-user's location.


Kacific also offers its partners the option of wholesale uncontended bandwidth on the Virtual Network Operator (VNO) platform, which provides local partners the ability to take control of the wholesale bandwidth and deploy package plans according to the current demands and needs of the market. This flexibility enables them to access as many or as few plans as they need, providing better arrangements for increased ROI.

The company's entire business model and its technology make the value propositions interconnected, where one can't be without the other.

Kacific is confident that its connectivity and satellite solutions, which address the Asia Pacific region's broadband needs, will be able to foster economic development, better healthcare services, boost education, and improve government services in the area, especially with the imminent launch of the Kacific 2, which will provide 3.5 times more bandwidth allocation than Kacific 1.

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