How Iloveme Helps with Mental Well-Being

Joaani Campbell is an entrepreneur based in Sydney, Australia, and the founder of two e-commerce businesses, one being Iloveme, a self-love/care brand promoting personal growth and shaping new belief systems. In the past, Joaani struggled with depression and anxiety. She started her personal development journey with the help of her therapist, practicing yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, daily affirmations, and journaling, which helped tremendously.

During her career, she decided to share her experience and teach others about mindfulness and how important it is for mental health.

Joaani wants to teach people about the power of thought and how important a mindset really is in a self-development journey.

"We can change our reality by changing our minds and reprogramming the way we think. What we feel we attract, what we think we create, what we imagine we become, it's mental science," says Joaani.

She utilizes clean and minimal designs for Iloveme products as a tool to enable people of all ages to dig deep within themselves and explore self-awareness and acceptance.

Some of the products that she uses to assist in her practices are affirmation cards, gratitude journals, luxury silk pillowcases, and eye mask sets that have many health benefits.

"I think 'iloveme' sparks certain emotions in people. We help people really understand the importance of self-love and self-care and how to implement small practices in their daily routines that impact their entire perception of life," says Joaani.

"We help people commit to their goals with affirmations and journaling practices, finding their purpose and understanding their 'WHY','' she added.

These materials, like the affirmation cards, will raise your vibrational level and attract what you affirm to you.

Iloveme was created by Joaani, who is accredited and has a long list of clients and customers who have benefited from her expertise. Many have reported a significant improvement in mental health after experiencing the effects of the product offered by the company.

About Iloveme

Iloveme is an e-commerce business that offers products that help promote gratitude and improve mental health.

To find out more about Iloveme, visit their website.

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