How Dr. Lisa Cortez Manages Growth in Her Practice As Mental Health Awareness Rises

With everything that has been going on in the world, it is no surprise that the demand for psychological treatment has continuously increased. The industry is facing a tsunami of people seeking help. That is why mental health professionals everywhere continue to work extra hours and expand their services.

Seeing the need for a more expansive approach to servicing the ever-growing throng of patients seeking treatment, Dr Lisa Cortez has broadened and diversified her professional offering in a multitude of ways.

With more than two decades in the mental health field, she has become known as The Anxiety Dr. Because of her dedication to her clients, they continue to rely on her to support them in turning stress and anxiety into confidence, empowerment, and happiness. To manage her continuous growth in her practice throughout the pandemic, Dr. Lisa found different ways to reach more people struggling with mental health issues.

The Anxiety Dr. Podcast

One of the ways Dr. Lisa has helped so many people is by starting her own weekly podcast. This is where she openly chats with her listeners and offers a wide variety of tips and tools to empower and encourage them to live the life they truly want.

Te Sana Tea and Wellness

Aside from therapy sessions, Dr. Lisa provides an all-natural wellness tea that eases anxiety. When she had her first panic attack in college, her mom tried to cure her anxiety with a cup of tea. She didn't know she would eventually establish Te Sana Tea and Wellness to do the same thing for other people. Now, her goal is to empower people's minds one cup at a time.

Moody Mink Society

In keeping up with the trends, Dr. Lisa will be starting an NFT project with a collection of Moody Mink pieces to bring a META-tation center to the Metaverse. This will fund the dream of going to schools across the US to help normalize the importance of taking care of the mental health of students and teachers alike. Each NFT-holder is given access to a private space where powerful personal development and mental health workshops will be hosted by professionals.

The Mission

Dr. Lisa Cortez has accomplished so many things in her 20-year career, from numerous magazine features to keynote speaker bookings by Microsoft. Through all this, her number one mission has always been to normalize dealing with mental health issues, especially in a Latino community that views this as a weakness. It may be far from being resolved, but the successes Dr. Lisa has achieved throughout the years are evidence that she is on the right track.

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