How a Real Estate Development Company CEO is Changing the Real Estate Industry

Martin Irving Price, of Boca Raton, Florida, has been in the field of Real Estate Development for over 5 decades. From being a pioneer in Florida Properties online selling, now he continues to break barriers and revolutionize the Real Estate industry by offering services that make Florida properties available to all, worldwide.

His company is now providing each new buyer a complete three-year period of due diligence to evaluate whether they want to keep the property they've chosen or trade it in for another. In addition, his company, The Florida Realty Connexion, offers 100 percent seller financing without the need for credit approval. For the first time, the business believes that these actions will make Florida property ownership accessible to everyone.

Previously, Price has owned and run real estate development businesses in Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Missouri. From 1966 through 1978, Price was responsible for selling over 5,000 fully developed, vacant building lots in over 30 complexes in the Shenandoah Valley, Appalachia, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Ozarks.

He has also provided real estate development and marketing advice to numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Price has worked for over 50 years as a Realtor, Land Developer, and Appraiser as well as a business and marketing consultant, lecturer, and author.

"Price is continually re-inventing himself," says Leon L. Roberts, a former Adjunct Business and Marketing Professor who now is the chief Web Master at

Despite their long tenure in the sector, Price and his firm are committed to bringing change to the real estate market.

Mica Evans
Senior Journalist

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