Hitmaker CEO: 'Indie Artists Can Compete With Major Artists'

Anthony Bucher loves a good underdog story. Before helping unknown songwriters and producers break out of their home studios and into the limelight as both CEO and President of Hitmaker Services and many other companies, Tony was just like any regular college student at Purdue University in 1992. He hung out with his friends. He stayed up most nights listening to his favourite records. And he tried his best not to miss most of his morning classes.

After receiving his degree in business management in 1995, Tony had to start somewhere. His first job was as a management consultant at Price Waterhouse. After a year, he started his first company, Bucher & Christian, an Indianapolis-based IT firm without venture capital funding. Equipped only with his corporate knowledge and the desire to build a regional consulting firm that focuses on high-quality client service at a fair price, he worked to make that company become the largest privately-owned IT company in Indiana and the third-largest in the Midwest, with offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland, D.C., and St. Petersburg.

In 2004, the Indianapolis Business Journal named him as one of the 40 top business people in Indiana under the age of 40. By the time he left in 2008, BC Forward recorded over $55 million in revenue and boasted an impressive list of clients, including Eli Lilly, Proctor and Gamble, and others.

After a couple more successful stints with other ventures, Bucher entered the entertainment industry in 2009, founding Gracie Productions, which grew to become the fifth-largest independent music company in the United States, with clients including Universal, EMI, MTV, NBC, and others. He and his team have collaborated with a variety of artists, from independent artists to household names like Eminem, Lil Wayne, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift.

Nowadays, Tony still finds time to hang out. He still listens to a lot of records. And he still tries his best not to miss his morning meetings. Because, as far as he has come, Tony still considers himself an underdog.

When asked what motivates him to work so hard, Anthony Bucher says, "I have this desire to give independent artists the same opportunity as major label artists."

Cody Patrick

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