Helping the "missing middle": how online mental health services are aiding those most in need

As the global pandemic sent health support online, studies soon found that there were great benefits to remote health assistance as they could be reached by people that might otherwise be isolated.

The "missing middle" was a term coined by Orygen, an Australian mental health service, referring to people too unwell for primary care but not unwell enough for emergency-based state solutions. They were left stranded by the traditional mental health aid providers.

But, thanks to a flexible solution like Lyf Support and their instant text-based chat sessions with a mental health expert, this overlooked section of the community can finally find help.

Lyf Support is a digital guidance app designed to give immediate and affordable mental health assistance to all.

Eradicating barriers, especially for generations who have become accustomed to a majority of their interactions being via text or online, and for people who can't afford traditional therapy, Lyf Support lets you communicate at your own pace, in your own time, for a fraction of the "traditional therapy" price.

"When you're suffering, especially from anxiety, five minutes can feel like hours. Hours can feel like days. Days can feel like weeks. Why can't we get guidance or tips at the moment we need them most, instead of waiting until the morning (when a night of sleep is already lost) or the next day, week, or whenever an appointment has been scheduled?" asks Lyf Support founder Eddie Wittenberg.

One of the most well-rounded providers of flexible, online care, Lyf Support offers licensed counsellors, therapists, and psychologists for conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, grief, relationships, or whatever is on your mind.

Patients don't have to set an appointment since the session can start with just the click of a button. Pay as you go for sessions that are typically 30 minutes long but can be extended if needed.

Lyf Support answers in an instant, so no one has to experience the waiting room anxiety that, for many patients, is the most stressful part of going to therapy.

The best thing about Lyf Support is its 24/7 availability. We often feel the burden of depression or stress before we sleep and sometimes seek someone we can talk to. At any hour of the day, someone is ready to chat about whatever is on your mind.

The importance of getting help when you need it

Mental health issues do not wait; they do not simply go away until you are able to visit a counseling center or therapist's office in person. Timely, professional advice can often be a vital lifeline for many people suffering from mental health issues.

"I got more from Lyf Support than my psych could give me for a fraction of the cost," says one of the "missing middle". "I'd asked my psych more than twice about how to stop my spiralling thoughts because sometimes I even speak in circles and it's like my brain is a broken down record. Lyf Support straight away gave me a technique called the Thought Reframing Technique. They talked me through one of my problems, and it was so helpful! I feel like after years of asking, I finally have a technique I can use and it actually works!"

The ease of being able to connect with your therapist via text message can also remove some of the stigmas associated with reaching out for help with mental health issues.

It is a safe space where you can discuss anger management, insomnia, panic attacks, trauma, life transitions, or any other issue.

If you're in need of immediate support, download the Lyf Support app from your app store. For more information, visit their website at or call (+613) 9663 6935

Lyf Support

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