GroupTogether's free group card: the easy way to build team culture in 2min

With more organisations moving to remote or hybrid working models, leaders are looking for new ways to create meaningful connections within their teams. One simple gesture used by organisations worldwide is giving a group card from the team to celebrate life and work milestones - welcome to the team, work anniversary, maternity leave or farewell.

GroupTogether made their group card completely free and available worldwide at the start of the pandemic so their customers could celebrate better together, even when they were apart. This makes it ideal for international teams or sending birthday wishes from far-flung relatives. They are proud of their 1 million users worldwide.

In a recent survey conducted by GroupTogether investigating how employees feel about giving gifts and cards at the office, "it creates a positive team culture" was in the top three reasons employees participated. Only 4% of employees try and avoid taking part in office gifts and cards.

GroupTogether's free group card is the only truly free platform - unlimited people can sign, no ads, download as a PDF and much more. Other services have restrictions, such as a maximum number of people who can sign it for free or the option only to share digitally. GroupTogether's group cards are free, easy and printable. Everyone can just click a link to contribute a message and a photo or GIF.

GroupTogether is well known for its co-founders Mrs Julie Tylman and Mrs Ali Linz who founded the company with the idea of helping their customers do good things for the people in their life - from remote farewells to helping a friend in need.

"We are here to make it as simple as possible for you to send a lovely greeting card loaded with messages and photos from the group. With our platform, you can give someone a free e-card in less than two minutes," says co-founder Julie.

According to co-founder Ali, the most important aspect of their business is to develop a better way to show appreciation for the people they care about.

"At GroupTogether, we see ourselves taking part in all our user's life milestones: from farewells to thanks teacher. Receiving a card filled with heartfelt messages and photos is truly special, like a big group hug you can keep forever," she said.

Ratings of 4.9 stars are rare in the world of group cards, but this is what customers can expect with GroupTogether. Here's what a few customers have to say:

"I never leave reviews, but this website has blown me away. I asked everyone in the office to sign the virtual birthday card for my boss. During these remote times, this website virtually brings us together to share our feelings and thoughts."

"One of the easiest ways of sending free group cards. Being an HR professional, these online free group cards really help me. There is a broad range of high-quality cards for all business purposes. The messages are written over the card, a more personal touch that the recipient appreciates."

In addition to its top-quality product offering, GroupTogether is renowned for its professionalism, reliability and customer support.

Alexandra Linz
+61 400 300 066

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