GOATED Unleashed: The Rising NFT Minting, Selling, and Trading Platform Built For Gamers, By Gamers

GOATED is your NFT minting, selling, and trading platform for all Gamers. It will create and distribute gamers and content creators GOATED GamerClips, GamerCards, and GamerCoins for the worldwide gaming community to enjoy, collect, value and trade.

It's the ultimate gaming discovery site and marketplace and the best method to support your favorite GOATED gamers.

You can use GOATED to:

Nominate and vote for your favorite gamer to be GOATED and watch them blowup. Get notified of new and upcoming NFT releases. Buy and trade GamerClips, GamerCards, and GamerCoins on the GOATED marketplace and watch your collection grow in value. At the same time, all sales earn ongoing royalties for GOATED gamers and content creators that continue through all secondary market sales. Participate in GOATED's 'ENGAGE TO EARN' Gamerconomy to earn GOATED Coins for doing what you already enjoy: Watch to Earn, Comment to Earn, Collect to Earn, Transact to Earn, Stake to Earn, Nominate to Earn, Vote to Earn, and Share to Earn are all ways to earn money for fans and followers of their favorite gamers.

A fantastic method to keep supporting your favorite GOATED Gamers while also acquiring assets and earning rewards for yourself.

The video game industry is booming, worth more than $162 billion today, and is anticipated to reach $295 billion globally in the next five years.

Previously considered a transitory fad by the hardcore gaming community, mobile gaming has been a significant driver of the industry's growth in recent years, with more than 2.5 billion mobile users expected globally by 2020. Mobile gaming has surpassed more traditional venues such as console gaming (800 million players by 2020) and PC gaming (1.3 billion players in 2020).

This year has been a crazy trip for Bitcoin. The price was around $29,000 at the start of 2021, but it jumped to all-time highs of almost $63,000 in mid-April. Then, high-profile statements by Elon Musk triggered a plunge that has seen the price fall to roughly $30,000.

Despite the recent collapse, Bitcoin is still selling about 150 percent higher than it was in January 2021, and blockchain investments are growing at an exponential rate year over year. This has led to new interest in blockchain, the distributed ledger technology that underpins cryptocurrencies, with many game creators wanting to incorporate it into their offers.

Why would you want to play a game with no value if you can play something and earn simultaneously? We're not claiming that conventional games will disappear; however, we believe players should play in an atmosphere where they have some ownership. What better platform to accomplish this than GOATED? Check them out now.


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