Getting to the root of the self-doubt and personal blocks with Life Coach Evangeline De Chatillon

Personal coach Evangeline.DeChatillon takes her more than 13 years of practice in leadership and 15 years of experience in self-development to bring to clients programs designed to empower and help them in their journey to self-discovery and creating wealth.

An adamant believer of the mantra "nothing is impossible" when the right tools and mindset are utilized, De Chatillon envisions bringing as many people as possible to self-realization and to the point of seeing the fulfillment of their dreams.

Having earned a degree in Leadership and Team Working, she has the necessary knowledge to help people thrive and turn their desires into reality. She's also a certified nutritionist. While De Chatillon acknowledges there are many possible explanations why people haven't maximized their potential and lived out their dreams, she believes that the primary reason is deep-seated programming and missing key applications to success.

Her journey is a testimony of how the environment can impact self-image and identity significantly. Her upbringing has caused her to live out her life with a B-type goal. She was led to believe that only if she had acquired more would she be able to chase after her true passion and live a fulfilling life. Though she experienced financial success, she found herself constantly drained emotionally and mentally.

It wasn't until she carefully planned and executed her C-type goal that she was able to experience true happiness and success. De Chatillon knows that many people have gone through the same self-limiting issues. Most end up riding the waves of deep-seated programming and traumas, unknowingly developing an unhealthy self-image. Her courses and sessions are designed to break these unhealthy mindsets and habits and replace them with healthy ones.

Her approach is different from other coaches who focus only on career development or climbing the corporate ladder. Her methods touch every aspect of her clients' lives, giving them a more holistic approach to success.

Since offering her best-selling Thinking Into Results mentorship program, she has helped hundreds of clients turn their lives around. The success her clients have experienced have also paved the way for her to grow her business, witnessing 50% growth each month, and gain a massive following on her @Evangeline.DeChatillon Instagram account, reaching over 1.3 million followers.

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