George Ama's meteoric rise as an FX trading guru to thousands of students

Accomplished, solution-focused, and innovative is how students describe CEO and founder of CK Trading Institute of Technology, George Ama. Following the culmination of decades of Forex trading experience, Ama has received many commendations from his students who praise him for his professionalism, particularly his ability to devote his life to helping people become financially independent.

Ama has worked as an FX trader and trade analyst for 20 years. Goldman Sachs and Piper Jaffray (now Piper Sandler), an investment bank, were just some of his qualifications before beginning his trading business in 2009.

His specialty is creating and reading charts. Ama also programs institutional bots for automated trading for the Financial Tech arena.

He started his journey in teaching trading when one of his peers asked to teach her about Forex. She wanted to earn as much as her spouse, so Ama taught her the ins and outs of FX trading. Then it turned from one person to another and today CK Trading Institute of Technology has over 1900 people taking the course.

His proficiency in trading and developing classes ensured the success of his institute and the success of its students. This, coupled with the desire to be of service to others has resulted in an institute that helps customers on their journey to financial freedom.

"Today, it's not about the money for me, it's about helping people become financially independent, teaching them how to fish so they don't need to be reliant on the government, a boss, a job, or a partner for their income," Ama said.

Through Ama's expertise and leadership, CK Trading Institute of Technology has garnered a loyal following that reaps the benefits of the meticulous process of planning and creating services that students need. This differentiates CK Trading from other trading institutes, providing everyone the opportunity to generate more income.

Ama is also offering free services to those in need, working on charities to help offer his course to single parents who are striving for financial freedom to look after for their families.

"We have the ability to help them both better themselves financially and learn a job they can do from anywhere and at any time," Ama said.

CK Trading also plans to create courses for the youth and teens to become financially fluent.

"We want kids to learn about how to make money on the FX markets and our course will focus on involving both the kids and the parents," Ama added.

CK Trading will continue to rise because of its passion to inspire and support others.

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