Flowell, a holistic health app, is the next big thing to hit "Move-To-Earn" trend, according to CEO Taylor Stull

GameFi has been among the most widely discussed subjects in the cryptocurrency world recently. It should come as no surprise that play-to-earn games are attracting significant investment. Some cryptocurrency exchanges are even launching GameFi divisions, like FTX gaming. This time, a P2E game offshoot known as 'move-to-earn', where users can earn tokens by engaging in physical activity such as running or participating in sports, is quickly gaining popularity.

Games that urge players to look away from their screens and venture outside are not a new idea. It is sufficient to recall the wildly popular augmented reality game Pokemon Go from 2016, in which users formed teams, battled other teams, and looked for cartoon characters on the streets of actual cities. New "move-to-earn" projects work similarly, like Stepn and Sweatcoin, where exercise and movement result in money that can be spent. The most notable projects have two core pillars: fitness application, which allows users to make money off of leading a healthy lifestyle, and game mechanics, where there are characters and a game scenario defined by the developers.

Flowell, a new Web3-based health and fitness mobile app, promises to be the next big thing in the "Move-to-Earn" market when it launches in July 2022.

The "game-changing" app, according to co-founder and CEO, Taylor Stull, will boost the up-and-coming Move-To-Earn trend by providing a comprehensive web platform and mobile game ecosystem that motivates users with opportunities to win money as they lead a holistic health lifestyle and work with expert health and fitness coaches.

"Flowell is a health and lifestyle community, platform, and mobile game. We integrate with preferred health and fitness apps and wearables to help every person elevate their lifestyle and receive rewards as they achieve individual and team-based goals across four domains: exercise, diet, sleep, and mindfulness," Stull explains. "We support our community members in the achievement of holistic health lifestyle goals, which are critical to maintaining the long-term health and preventing disease."

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Unlike similar platforms, Flowell aims to provide value in four different areas: community, rewards, access to experts, and education.

Community members can access their own and others' accomplishments and progress via the Flowell mobile app. They are encouraged to share content, and uplift and support others by interacting through a community lifestyle feed. Flowell facilitates team-based play to provide users with daily support, accountability, and motivation so they can effectively achieve their health and lifestyle goals, and adopt healthy habits for the long term. Flowell calls its rewards system 'Live-to-Win.' Their ecosystem provides community members with chances to win money passively as they live a healthy lifestyle. Users receive higher odds of winning by achieving health goals, engaging with other community members and investing in their health through the purchase of $Flowell token and in future, other digital assets. Rewards include the ERC-20 token $Flowell, coupons for savings at health and fitness-related businesses, and in-app items that raise a user's winning potential. Hundreds of highly trained health and fitness coaches work with Flowell to help more people achieve their health and lifestyle goals. Flowell's ecosystem offers these 'Verified Coaches' access to tools to manage live and on-demand sessions, deliver personalized consultations, and more effectively build and grow community. Coaches lead teams in the Flowell mobile app, which community members may join as they seek support and accountability in their lifestyle goals. Every community member has access to holistic health and lifestyle content, classes, pre-recorded courses, and programs to further achievement of their goals. Verified Coaches on Flowell contribute daily workouts, motivation, nutritional tips and more to support users of the Flowell mobile app in achieving their health and lifestyle goals.


Flowell is evolving the 'Move-to-Earn' industry to span beyond movement-based activity. Users who download the Flowell mobile app and excel in living a holistic lifestyle are eligible to win $FLOWELL, their ERC-20 token. Whether joining a group meditation, going on a hike, sleeping eight hours, or participating in sports activities, users who track their activities increase their odds to win tokens by living a holistically healthy lifestyle.

"Health activity, community-based support and altruistic opportunities are driving factors in long-term personal fulfillment and holistic health," Stull shares. "This thesis is foundational to the design of our Live-to-Win reward system, which incentivizes users to not just stay active, but to also contribute to the community, and support others' in achievement of their health and lifestyle goals."

Flowell's rewards token, $FLOWELL, is an ERC-20 token, which are the most commonly used tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and are often known as "utility tokens." They are designed to pay for goods and services, and $FLOWELL can be exchanged for ETH on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, or acquired through the Flowell mobile app and stored in a connected wallet like MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet.


Flowell is a ground-breaking business that leverages Web3 technology to promote holistic health lifestyle. Their objective is to become a household name around the globe, serving as a source of inspiration and supportive community for people to make positive changes in their lives and subsequently become healthier and wealthier.

Flowell aims to collaborate with health and fitness coaches around the world, and support them in growing their business by offering community engagement and client retention tools in its mobile app.

By creating a gamified, community-driven ecosystem with streamlined access to Verified Coaches and content, Flowell aims to motivate millions of people to come together in ways that elevate lifestyle to promote long-term health.

Late July will see the release of the Flowell mobile app in private beta. The company is now partnering with Verified Coaches, and has opened the waitlist for users to participate in the private beta by submitting an application online.

Taylor Stull, CEO

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