Fighting the Scourge of Police Misconduct and The Injustice It Perpetuates

In any high-functioning society, there is an expectation that the police are looking after the best interests of the people they are serving. Endowed with tremendous power and influence, these men and women are responsible for performing their duties fairly and with great care for the lives they affect.

This expectation has been so widely thwarted in recent years - casting a shadow on our relationship with the police force which is supposed to be protecting us. Of course, we all remember the George Floyd incident, but this is just one in countless deeply impactful incidents. Every day, innocent people face trials and tribulations that most of us could never even dream of due to police brutality and police misconduct.

Efforts to alleviate this should be focused on all the force of unwarranted "obstructive tactics" and "unnecessary and excessive force" from the police. We as a community should aim to use all the resources we can gather to fight for those who have been mistreated by the system in an attempt to fight for justice in all its forms.

Mr. Alexander's Story

Our first case will break your heart. Mr. Alexander is currently incarcerated for a crime that he did not commit. Charged with human trafficking, this young man must post bail of $850,000 for any chance to prove his innocence outside of a jail cell. The sheer scale of this number defies belief, and it shows just how punishing the system can be when you find yourself on the wrong side of it.

His supposed victims have all submitted notarized letters admitting that the detective on the case obtained their evidence through coercion, bribery, and fear-mongering - yet none of that matters if the bail cannot be secured. This is because those who spend time in pretrial detention tend to receive much harsher sentences than those who do not because of the stigma and preconceived perceptions.

All of the evidence required to release him is ready to go - but the nature of the sunk costs incurred by the county means that meeting the bail requirements is his only natural way out. This is not how a justice system should operate, and it's an indicator of where we've gone wrong as a society.

We need to stand together and fight for the justice that we all pay lip service to. It's time to hold police misconduct and brutality to account.

Where To From Here?

The only way to make tangible progress here is through a grassroots, community-based movement. Our organization seeks to create a space for this and help to centralize resources to help those people who find themselves caught up in the worst nightmare of their lives.

If this is of interest to you and you'd like to contribute, please get in touch. The family of Mr. Alexander has set up crowdfunding campaigns and would appreciate any help you can give. If we don't stand up for our fellow humans when they need us most, who will stand up for us?

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