Donsha Johnson & Nicole Folkes-Johnson - Founders of Eat Right Atlanta

Donsha Johnson & Nicole Folkes-Johnson, founders of Eat Right Atlanta, believe that fresh produce should be affordable and accessible to everyone, no matter where you live. Since launching in 2011, Eat Right Atlanta has grown to serve over 400 businesses & families per week and has become a beacon of low-cost fresh food in a sea of unhealthy food options in the greater Atlanta area.

As with most successful businesses, Eat Right Atlanta's genius story is an inspiring one. Nicole was ready for a move from New York City after a 16-year career in advertising working at global agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Grey Advertising, and the Food Network. So, after meeting now-husband and I.T. professional Donsha, the couple moved to Atlanta for some fresh air and a fresh start.

Upon arriving in the suburbs of Atlanta Nicole and Donsha realized that something was missing from their new community - fresh and healthy food. As the saying goes, "necessity is the mother of all invention", and the lack of healthy eating options inspired the couple to seek out healthier produce.

"I wanted to make our son's baby food, and getting fresh fruits and vegetables was difficult. I had to travel an hour to the Farmers Market to shop, and for a working Mom in Atlanta, traffic was a major issue. I realized that if I was having that problem, so were a lot of other people".

The realization that there might be other busy parents out there that want fresh food options has proved to be correct. The couple started out delivering one basket of fresh produce at a day-care facility. Word got around and by the end of the week the couple had added another eleven day-cares to the client list.

The business took off quickly from there, and now they deliver to both families and businesses in the Atlanta region including multiple hospitals, medical networks, schools and child care facilities where eating healthy is critical.

After 10 years in business, there is still nothing like Eat Right Atlanta. Sure, there are co-ops where the customers work and participate in the growth of the company but most of Eat Right Atlanta's customers are busy working parents and can't give the time.

What is refreshing about the business is that it's not all about profit. Nicole and Donsha have created a business that operates like a charity, a family, a nutrition service, and is a group of people who really care about the health of the customers.

"We want to foster a culture of wellness. We help busy parents. We help retirees and shut-ins. We help those who can't afford good, healthy food. We help those who aren't well. If they're in a situation and can't pay, we give them the food."

What's been truly incredible about Nicole and Donsha's business is that it's grown over COVID, which had shut down many local farmer's markets. Eat Right Atlanta's delivery service allowed people a way to buy affordable and healthy fresh produce, while also supporting the local grower community.

Currently only available within 60 miles of Atlanta but with ambitious expansion plans, we hope to see Eat Right Atlanta open the service in other US cities soon.

Nicole Folkes-Johnson
Eat Right Atlanta
404 822 8066

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