Crypto Market Gets Bullish On Solana (SOL), Terra (LUNA), and Chronoly (CRNO)

Crypto has definitely provided financial freedom for a lot of people, creating numerous crypto millionaires in less than a decade. It is only common in the cryptocurrency market to see individuals make unbelievable returns out of the most minimal investments in a short time.

While this space has proven to be immensely profitable, the decision of which crypto to invest in is harrowing for some, given the vast amount of crypto tokens out there. The volatility in the crypto market makes it risky but profitable at the same time, hence why traders are always trying to catch a good bull run.

To this end, we will be talking about a few crypto tokens with the potential to make a wild price surge on the upside. Many crypto experts have high expectations about Solana (SOL), Terra (LUNA) and Chronoly (CRNO) which is currently in its presale.

Solana (SOL)

Solana has performed extremely well these few years, so much so that it earned the reputation of "The Ethereum killer" in the crypto community. Solana (SOL) achieved this pseudonym by providing a formidable alternative to Ethereum for smart contract implementations. Transactions executed on the SOL blockchain are instantaneous and attract ultra-low costs, making it one of the best networks for trading NFTs and transferring tokens.

On reviewing SOL's price action, analysts point out the token's steep uptrend. They believe investors interested in the long game should ignore the current price meandering from a micro perspective. In fact, they pitch that the general dip in the crypto market only presents an opportunity for investors to buy at a cheaper price.

Terra (LUNA)

Next is Terra, a dollar-collateralized crypto token that provides a staple means of payment worldwide for everyday transactions, as well as a virtual currency for facilitating the economy of DeFi projects.

Based on experts' opinion, the current Terra (LUNA) bull run seems to have just enough momentum to reach the $160 mark in the next few months. Making a whopping gain of over 180% in a year. Another interesting reason why analysts are bullish about Terra (LUNA) is the rising popularity of terra's stablecoin "TerraUST" which has recently become the third largest stablecoin by market cap. the profitability of this crypto is undeniable.

Chronoly (CRNO)

Chronoly (CRNO) is a pioneer of a blockchain-based fractional watch investment marketplace, and the CRNO token serves as the utility token for facilitating this ecosystem. Crypto experts are buoyant about the resourceful use case of this project and see the Chronoly CRNO token making six-digit returns like SOL and Terra in the not-so-distant future.

The Chronoly project offers an innovative investment solution for the luxury watch industry, allowing the co-ownership and authentication of luxury timepieces through the clever application of blockchain technology and NFTs.

The Chronoly ecosystem consists of tokenized real-life watches, fragmented into fractions that can be co-owned by network participants. By doing so, people can trade these watches like stocks, stake them for passive income in (USDT), and use their NFTs as collateral to secure loans. The Chronoly team looks forward to forming collaborations with Metaverse games and social spheres to provide luxury watch accessories for avatars in the Metaverse.

Starting at a $0.01 trading price at the presale stage, crypto analysts and experts speculate that its price could climb up to $0.50 before the end of the second quarter making it a great choice for Investors who like to join the trend early.






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