Chase Sabina's Meteoric Rise in the Private Equity Space

Former brand photographer Chase Sabina entered the private equity space through his company, The Hinterland Group, most known for transitioning from a creative ad agency to management consulting. In the short period he has dealt with businesses as a private equity management company, he easily gives most firms a run for their money.

Many might find his transition from a brand photographer and influencer to a Director of Strategy for a private equity firm odd. However, his expertise in content creation and marketing likely is what paved the way for his success, securing board seats in promising companies in high-value industries and projecting millions of dollars in ROI for the next five years.

Sabina incorporates his passion for helping brands succeed using creative and data-driven strategies with his knack for identifying companies with high growth potential. His expertise has led several companies to sign up for retainers for multi-stage projects and consult with him on broader marketing management issues. This sparked the transition from a creative ad agency to a management consulting firm.

When the coronavirus pandemic plagued the globe, Sabina pivoted his business model again. He envisioned a post-covid world where consumer-facing brands would soon have an influx of customers keen to spend their money. The problem was most of these companies didn't have the operating capital for marketing and brand campaigns to help them re-enter the market.

Sabina negotiated with several CFOs and lawyers and came up with a model that ultimately led to the company's transformation into a full-blown venture capital firm. Instead of accepting payment for marketing projects, The Hinterland Group invested money in the companies that hired them in exchange for deferred payment deals, equity, voting rights, and board seats. Sabina realized his new business model would allow his company to scale massively and quickly amid the pandemic.

When asked how The Hinterland Group was able to sustain this kind of model, Sabina answers, "We still have our steady retainers that fund this venture capitalism, but we also hold millions of dollars in equity in companies that are competing in high growth industries that far exceed what we ever could have imagined had we stuck to the traditional brick and mortar model."

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