CEO Spotlight: Ryan Garland, the Paradyme founder revolutionizing the real estate investment industry

With a driving vision to enable the working class to truly diversify their portfolios and gain access to real estate investments, Paradyme's CEO Ryan Garland has grown the firm to its current large-scale commercial workout turnarounds with $1.5 billion in the pipeline.

Garland's career in real estate investment, debt, construction and management oversight, and equity spans over 18 years. For his extensive experience and expertise, the California real estate market celebrates him as one of its rising stars. His natural knack for identifying promising investment opportunities, coupled with his passion for helping ordinary individuals make smart real estate investments, motivated him to build Paradyme from the ground up.

"Real estate is the number one investment vehicle for a retirement plan, so I'm excited to be able to offer a way for everyone to benefit, not just the wealthy," says Garland about Paradyme.

Though providing access to diverse real estate investments to everyone is at the heart of Paradyme's founding principles, Garland's background and ability in establishing lasting relationships with the affluent provided open doors to cater to high-net-worth clienteles and family offices.

Despite his role as the CEO, Garland takes on a more hands-on approach. He not only leads his team and establishes the firm's culture, but he also serves as the fund manager focused on managing investor capital. His many accolades, which include landing the #1 Top Originator in California for four consecutive years, prove he is more knowledgeable than most back office and underwriting professionals.

Garland's Paradyme offers investors an opportunity to invest, add value to their portfolios, and reap the benefits of investing in commercial buildings, ground-up construction development, and multi-family houses.

For Garland, it's not just about offering opportunities that were previously limited to the privileged and the wealthy. He also believes in taking advantage of the latest technology. His firm provides clients with an easy-to-use platform to simplify the investment process for new and seasoned investors.

True to his mission and purpose of helping people be better positioned financially, Garland launched the $100 Million Secured Income Fund in response to the economic and financial hardships caused by COVID-19. The fund provides investors with quarterly dividends instead of the traditional investments where they have to wait for a capital event versus the property to sell to gain profits. Garland believes the returns on this investment vehicle will help people offset their income losses because of the pandemic.

While groundbreaking technology and decades of expertise in real estate are essential, it's only half of what truly sets the firm apart. "I serve as a lender and a limited partner to my clients, and transparency is of utmost importance to me. I want our investors to feel comfortable that their money is being spent properly," says Garland.

Under his leadership, Paradyme has established processes, deal evaluation criteria, and transparent and excellent culture.

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