Can Personr abolish the 100-point ID check system?

It has been decades since the Australian government adopted the 100-point identity check to fend off fraudulent financial transactions committed by individuals and companies. This system requires individuals opening new financial accounts to present documentary proofs of identity. Each type of document has predetermined or allocated points, and consumers must have at least 100 points of identification. The government has expanded this rule to anyone applying for an Australian passport and driver's licence.

The 100-point identity check is an excellent move on the government's part to counter fraud, identity theft, and money laundering. However, in this digital age, the process can be time-consuming, inconvenient, and impractical.

Many people turn to email when sending important documents. But, this method has been proven to be prone to identity theft. According to statistics, victims lose about $1,000 per incident of identity theft or fraud.

Experienced entrepreneur Charlie Westerman has identified this problem and seeks to provide consumers with an alternate method through his platform - Personr. "If the identity industry isn't going to change, rather than going into the industry and trying to make a difference, I'm going to pioneer a new industry and watch them scramble. I don't want anybody wasting years of their life experiencing what I have - identity theft, and with Personr, nobody will," says Westerman.

He and his team developed the myPersonr app to allow consumers to store all the information and personal documents they need in one place. The app then legally verifies the files using artificial intelligence, which has a 99.95% accuracy rate.

According to Westerman, the app works such that myPersonr users who want to sign up for popular services can do so with a single click of a button. This eliminates the need to appear personally to banks and the post office or upload the documents repeatedly.

Personr takes into consideration identity protection by employing "better than bank-grade security" in its technology. This removes the threats of identity theft. Personr even has the capacity to distinguish still images from deepfake photos.

Westerman and his team have also incorporated a feature that allows consumers to share their legal documents with companies and enterprises via a temporary link that expires after 72 hours. This is useful for employment, rental applications, and credit card applications.

Westerman is confident that Personr will provide consumers with a faster and more secure way of sharing legal documents and identity proofs than traditional methods.

Charlie Westerman

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