Cabril DeAbreu's Meteoric Rise to the Top of the Jewelry Tech Industry in Under a Year

After losing a lot of his irreplaceable, personal valuables over the years and seeing other people struggling with the same thing, Cabril DeAbreu had finally had enough. He combined his degrees in advertising and public relations and years of experience in the tech industry to create Vow, an online platform for jewelry protection and preservation.

Established in October 2021, Vow focuses on the specific characteristics of their customers' jewelry. This includes the gem's size, shape, color, grade, and clarity, the metal type, the inscriptions on it, and the number of accent stones. They cover everything because all of these distinct details make it unique to its owner, and that is why Cabril and his team are committed to adding an extra layer of protection around these critical features.

In the event of any loss or theft, Vow has their customers covered. Combining their industry-standard asset protection with digital imagery, data, and comprehensive profiles, they are able to preserve the specific details of your valuables. This makes it easier for people to replace these items with an exact copy if they ever need to.

Despite this commitment to their customers, there is one thing that Cabril DeAbreu and his team at Vow is most known for: their innovative digital jewelry box. They have the entire jewelry tech industry talking about this innovation. This allows them to help people create profiles for every one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry using more than 127 categories and combinations.

Vow's customers can keep track and manage their jewelry, get digital appraisals, and insure their most valuable items. This revolutionary technology has a unique feature that allows owners to add new items to their digital jewelry box directly from a receipt from any desktop or mobile device.

At Vow, their ultimate goal is to make sure every piece of sentimental jewelry you own is preserved, maintained, and protected. That is why they now offer a precision replacement guarantee together with jewelry insurance concierge and maintenance insights. This is not where their commitment to exceptional service ends, however. In just five months since they started, the Vow Web App will officially launch in March 2022 to provide a digital space for customers to access all of Vow's services on the go.

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