BuyersCircle's Plans for $150M Social eCommerce Platform Growth by 2023

BuyersCircle has quickly become one of the biggest and fastest growing companies in the social eCommerce world. They boast a completely FREE, fully integrated social eCommerce platform that takes care of the selling and delivery logistics for affiliates from supplier to business owners to end consumers. There are no other mobile app platforms out there that do this, especially with no minimum order quantity.

All About the Zeros

Through BuyersCircle, anybody can establish their own eCommerce shop with ZERO investment, ZERO overhead, and ZERO logistics to manage. By simply downloading the app, anyone can open their virtual store in under five minutes and begin sharing and earning in three seconds.

The Astounding Growth Forecast

BuyersCircle is averaging more than 17.4% growth in month-to-month revenue with more than 780,000 registered users in Australia. Based on these numbers and steady increases in affiliate influencers, the 2021 revenue of $8M is set to skyrocket to $150M by 2023. That is more than a 1,775% forecasted increase in just 2 years.

Increase in Sales of Shopify Sellers

With the launch of BuyersCircle's Shopify plugin, sellers on Shopify get a FREE tool to add dropshipping products to their store. Increasing their sales through BuyersCircle's local and global supply chain capability means both business owners and BuyersCircle mutually benefit in revenue growth.

Additional Income Stream for Influencers

The influencer industry continues to gain more people wanting to monetize their social channels. Luckily for them, BuyersCircle launched On this online platform, influencers will be able to find the worlds most popular product videos and re-generate product video content for their own social channels. They can then share this to their social channels with their unique affiliate product links to earn commission from their fans and followers every time they buy.

All of This in One Place

People can find everything mentioned above in the BuyersCircle app. By downloading this application, you will have access to all the tools you need to start a business with ZERO investment. Create your own store in 5 minutes for FREE and partner with BuyersCircle as an e-Tailer today.

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