Bosco App is set to become the best-loved parental control app in 2022

If you search for the best parental control apps, you'll find a long list. All popular and highly acclaimed, the apps have many things in common. All their features are present in Bosco App - like content monitoring, GPS tracking and data encryption.

But Bosco takes it a step further with advanced AI, machine learning and voice recognition technology.

Bosco's advanced technology employs a "protect, predict, prevent" philosophy that allows children to explore the world and exercise their curiosity in safety. Bosco recognizes that the kids of today are born into technology. It is already an integral part of their daily lives, and the role of parents and guardians is not to restrict and limit, but to provide guidance.

"Bosco gives parents all the tools they need to bridge the difficult gap between a child's online activity and a parent's obligation to mediate complicated issues," says Enon Landenberg, Bosco's founder.

The app's contemporary approach of advanced AI, three-layer algorithms and mood detection through voice recognition, ensure childrens' online experiences are safe. Bosco means you won't have to limit or intervene in their activities unless it is necessary.

Bosco is the only parental app that promotes awareness instead of control, filling the need of modern communication between parents and their children.

Guaranteed safe and secure, Bosco values users' privacy above all and follows the strictest regulations to ensure data privacy and confidentiality.

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