Bluechips Agency: Huge growth expected in FY22

The growth potential of Bluechips Agency is enormous. Its "All Access NFT Pass" has already attracted huge numbers of crypto and Web3 enthusiasts.

Bluechips Agency, a project estimated to be launched this year, was created to become the first scalable Web3 multi-service agency that creates real value and makes a difference in the web3 space.

"With Bluechips Agency, you can dip your toe into the web3 world, observe what is happening and take full advantage of it," says a spokesperson.

They are off to a terrific start, with plans this year to make their appearance on a global stage as the leading Web3 business agency.

Bluechips Agency aims to be a community-driven platform whose primary mission is to give individuals and businesses the premium tools and resources needed to transition into Web3. Some of its services will include Web3 Onboarding, Web3 Connections, Web3 Services, Web3 Consulting, and more.

"When you join Bluechips Agency, you will become part of something much more than cryptocurrency. You become part of a global movement transitioning to a decentralized identity system," the spokesperson added.

Bluechips Agency is about helping small and large businesses transition from Web2 into Web3. Founded by Elduro Reverendo, aka "El Revo", Bluechips Agency is the first Web3 B2B Agency offering premium Web3 onboarding education and services.

This project's Twitter account continues to grow in followers, and the project is gaining a steady network of Web3 enthusiasts.

Bluechips Agency has exciting plans in store for its members. "We have innovative solid release plans that will change the Web3 space and are thrilled for these projects to come to fruition," said the spokesperson.

"At Bluechips Agency, we will connect individuals and companies with Premium Web3 Service providers that together will form a worldwide market for collaboration domination," added the spokesperson.

The project team will hold contests and promotions, as well as give away freebies and gifts to its members.

With the hype surrounding social media and other review platforms about its planned release, it is clear that crypto and Web3 enthusiasts are excited about Bluechips Agency.

You can follow Bluechips Agency on Twitter.

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