Beyond the Profit: NFT Influencer Moose Shares His Thoughts on How to Become a Positive Influence and Overcome the Current Market Crash.

The current market crash in the NFT space has led many people to believe the long-held assumption that the market is overhyped. For some NFT supporters and influencers, the issue isn't the market trend but the scarcity of understanding.

Only one in four adults in the US can adequately explain what an NFT is and its benefits. The lack of awareness is likely rooted in NFTs primarily used within the art and tech industries.

We sat down with the social media and NFT influencer Joey Moose, who spoke at the recently concluded NFT NYC to explain the benefits of NFT and how it can fundamentally change virtual communities.

Statistics show that 75% of Americans can't properly explain NFTs. Can you explain the industry to us?

In its most basic definition, NFT stands for non-fungible token. It's built using the same technology as cryptocurrencies, but it's for digital art. It exists on a blockchain, a ledger that records transactions.

That's the technical definition. To me, NFT is something personal. All the NFTs I've purchased, I identify with them.

Can you tell us how you got into the NFT space?

I got into NFT after purchasing my Pudgy Penguin NFT. I loved it so much, and I identified with it. But, it wasn't until I stumbled into the NFT communities on Twitter that I was hooked.

I saw the communities built together, how easy it is to fit in, and how everybody wants the best for everybody. I wanted to make an impact. I want to give and use my positivity and be there for everybody.

Aside from the ones you've mentioned about communities, what do you think are the benefits of owning an NFT?

Coming in at number one is love, the love that everybody gives each other. You don't find that in the family sometimes. For people online, you see that people care for your best intentions. People are so helpful.

I talk to people every day who are closer to me than some of my closest friends I grew up with and whom I met in the NFT space less than one year ago.

So there's love, community, networking, and meeting important people that are so smart. There's always going to be somebody smarter than you. That's the person you learn from; you look to as an adviser.

There's also the benefit of connecting with leaders, which I saw in the NFT NYC. I connected with prominent leaders in the NFT space. They're so cool and easygoing, laughing with you, having drinks, and taking photos with you.

There's also the opportunity to make money. If you do the proper research, look into the right projects, get the chance to get the white list on some projects, and if you mint early, there are opportunities.

You also get to be educated on what the future holds. Web3 is here; the more you're involved, the more you're going to be prepared for the opportunities that come in the future.

What are your insights on the current NFT market trend?

The market will always be the market. It's always going to have its ups and downs. If it's always going up, it will not make sense. It's good that this happened. We realize what we could have made, what we could have lost. We learned what we did lose and what we did make.

Personally, I think it's more of a short-term thought that we're not going to make it. But, really, we are going to make it. Things are going to go back up. I'm a hundred percent sure of it. We just need to all stick together.

But, we always have to understand that we're dealing with money. So, I always say, never invest what you're not willing to lose. It's very important to not overexpose yourself in anything, especially with something as volatile as crypto and NFTs.

I prepared myself for this crash by buying the things that I love. If we're talking about NFTs, I grew to love my NFTs so much that they're so valuable that they're priceless to me.

I didn't invest anything that I wasn't comfortable investing. That's the number one rule, gamble what you're willing to gamble and what you can afford to gamble.

Would you recommend anyone to enter the market right now?

I think that it's the perfect time to buy into a project that has four of the most important things--an active community, utility, art that's aesthetically pleasing, and the founders and the leaders of the project.

If you see that these are still going strong during this time and that people are giving up on their projects, giving up on all of these, then that's your perfect time to buy into that project because that's the one that when things go back up, that's the one that's going to stay afloat and go higher than that.

We've seen it so many times with every stock crash. The ones that were strong and had great leaders and didn't go down with the market were the ones that stayed on top. People who got the chance to invest at that time made beautiful amounts of profit for investing in something they believed in.

If you believe in a project, now is the perfect time to get in because NFTs are here to stay.

What is your message to people who look up to Moose?

Use your platform to spread positivity, teach and learn from others, and help others.

If you see somebody going through something, take on that responsibility of helping them out. The world's going to help you back, you're going to feel good about yourself, and you're going to have that good reputation. People are going to want to come to you for anything.

Do the best that you can do while being up there. It's easy to be an NFT influencer and get caught in "I want to make easy money doing something, or I want to shell a project through a bunch of people, and it's for my benefit." It's easy to be selfish when you're an influencer.

On the other hand, if you go in the opposite direction, you become selfless. You'll see it will pay you back a dividend a hundred times.

When you're a good person these days, the world will take care of you, and everybody will look up to you. Keep doing what you're doing. Keep striving.

I was building my account for a year, non-stop, tweeting, and getting involved with people. If you want to be an influencer, keep doing it, don't give up. Keep spreading love, and you're going to get people that are going to see you.

It could take a week, a month, or a year, but get up there and spread as much positivity. People want to be surrounded by good vibes. People want to be surrounded by good people with all the bad things in the world.

People pay psychologists huge sums just to talk to them when you can do that with the people you meet online.

People want good vibes at this time. If you're going to be the source of it, people will love you, and you will love yourself. You're going to be destined for success if you continue to compliment people and lift people.

Moose, who has been taking an active role in creating a positive community on Twitter by hosting spaces since last year, was one of the speakers in one of the biggest NFT events in the US. He is known for his altruistic nature, helping members of the community recover from negative experiences. To date, Moose, who has more than 23,000 followers, has handed out over a hundred thousand dollars in NFTs and cryptocurrencies from different airdrops.

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