Best-Selling Author and Forbes Featured Uebert Angel talks about defining truths to financial wealth in The Money is Coming

The current global inequality is more evident than ever. Not only did the number of billionaires double in the last ten years, but data also suggests that the 2,153 billionaires have more wealth than 60% of the global population, that's approximately 4.6 billion people. Furthermore, statistics show that the 22 wealthiest entrepreneurs worldwide have more wealth than all the women in Africa.

This growing inequality has alarmed some governments to consider creating policies to control the ever-increasing imbalance. Fortunately, inhibiting policies that could injure incentives for greater economic output isn't the only solution. Best-selling author, master revelator, financial dominator, and charismatic evangelical preacher and prophet Uebert Angel offers a much more liberating solution to the great divide. In his book The Money is Coming, Angel teaches people how to access a dimension of wealth heretofore unknown. It positions people for the biggest wealth transfer and accumulation the generation is set to see.

While most books simply point their audience to where the money is, The Money is Coming aims to provide people with the ancient keys to unlocking the vault to financial prosperity. Here lies the uniqueness of the book. It's not solely based on the natural, but it also touches the spiritual realm. Angel himself spent a significant amount of time discovering the path to financial prosperity. The book takes its readers on a journey to unlocking biblical truths about wealth, providing a supernatural shortcut to success so no one has to do the hard work of trying and finding the path themselves.

The book is poised to provide a drastic solution to social and economic inequality. It reaches everyone struggling with finances and gives them the leading edge they need to succeed. Angel presents in his book the notion that regardless of the financial success people are experiencing at the moment, they are still barely scratching the surface. Furthermore, Angel leads readers to tap prosperity not just for themselves but for the generations that follow.

The principles presented in The Money is Coming provide key strategies for building an economy-proof wealth.

Angel uses his experiences in writing his book, dating way back to 2005 when he started his first business, the Club Millionaire Limited. He eventually moved to the real estate industry and founded and became the CEO of Sam Barkeley Construction and the Angel Organisation. He has a natural knack for building financial prosperity, developing successful businesses, and helping others through philanthropic work. Currently, Angel is the Presidential Envoy to Zimbabwe and the Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Europe and the Americas.

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