Artists and athletes are unlocking their full potential with Dr. Conor Hogan's specialized techniques

As Albert Einstein said: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Dr. Conor Hogan, Ph.D. believes in the same principle, and he imparts the same wisdom to the artists and athletes who avail themselves of his services. Hogan knows the moments before a performance are crucial for performers, and that their nerves can sometimes get the better of them.

This is where Hogan's high performance neuro-socio psychology comes in.

"I want to help the greatest performers in the world reach their full potential," says Hogan. "Personal preparation is key to ensure their performances are memorable enough for everyone to enjoy."

Hogan collaborates with each of his high-performance clients, teaching unique, introspective techniques and providing bespoke, foolproof plans to maximize their chances of success.

Many of these successful artists and athletes have offered positive feedback to Dr. Hogan. Like rap artist Kenyatta Blake, known professionally as Buckshot, who stated in his own inimitable style: "We're holding it down for my boy Dr. Conor Hogan. You know how we do it. Dr. Conor man, you have been doing your thing when you are on that stage brother. I have seen you get busy now. That is why I am trying to chase you man!"

Another glowing testimonial comes from entrepreneur and athlete Ian Hill, who, at age 56, is trying to set a world record by becoming the oldest college football player: "Dr. Hogan's insight, wisdom, and process has transformed me. He is one of the main reasons I`m going to break this world record. The time, the energy, the effort, the knowledge, and his process have transformed me into an elite performer."

While many of Dr. Hogan's programs are geared towards high-performing individuals, his methods can benefit anyone. Dr. Hogan aims to help people change their lives for the better by developing a mindset that understands the self.

He believes continuous and open learning about how the mind works is the key to maximizing personal capabilities.

Dr. Conor Hogan's website features his 'Free Growth' content, and subscribers can access this at

In 2022, Dr. Hogan will also be relaunching his Mindset Program for Beginning Entrepreneurs Who Have Limiting Beliefs. Drawing on his own entrepreneurial journey and how he overcame obstacles, this online course aims to instil a superior mindset to enable entrepreneurs to thrive in their respective businesses.


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