ARFEN Inc.'s Extraordinary Growth in 2022

ARFEN Inc. is Aventura, Florida's branch of ARFEN Turkey manufacturer #1 ranked manufacturer and worldwide supplier of wall protection systems for healthcare and expansion joints for any infrastructure projects. They continue to emerge as the leading brand in this space, but it was not always this easy for ARFEN Inc.

How It Started

Aidar Vafin was just a student when he started working for a wide variety of companies to gain experience; he became a professional consultant in the management and financial sector and even worked for the government. His parents, however, saw his passion for managing his own business was so great, that they sold their apartment to provide Aidar with his initial capital to start a little company in 2011 as a Russia dealer of ARFEN Turkey manufacturer company.

"It was a difficult and risky decision," Aidar said, but he saw an opportunity in the Russian market and just could not pass it up. He then convinced his parents to fund his business idea. "Now, they are happy with the risk they took."

How It's Going

More than 22 years after ARFEN was established, it has quickly become one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of plastic, aluminum, and rubber in the industry. This can be directly attributed to their specialized management approach.

By using customized, advanced machinery, ARFEN Inc.'s production capacity is way ahead of its competition. This allows them to diversify their capabilities to fulfill the needs of countless types of businesses. Now, they also manufacture and distribute aluminum products to the automotive, ventilation, architecture, and many other industrial and commercial sectors in the US and abroad.

In addition, ARFEN manufactures unique antiviral PVC wall protection systems which helps to protect society from different diseases, for Healthcare, Hospitality industries.

ARFEN Inc. is proud of its skilled and agile team, one of the key factors that has earned the company so many happy, satisfied clients. In addition to that, their strategy has always been to keep it simple and efficient, and to provide unrivalled customer service and aftersales support. When customers think of aluminum and PVC manufacturers, they think of ARFEN Inc.

What's Next?

With so many five-star reviews on Google and other review platforms, it is clear customers are highly impressed with ARFEN Inc.'s offering. Beyond this, they are committed to accomplishing their goals of providing construction products and services at the top level and contributing to future generations in setting a high bar for quality standards.

Aidar Vafin

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