Ahmed Elbatrawy reveals the next big thing in real estate

Thanks to the leadership and vision of CEO Ahmed Elbatrawy, Platform Leaders LLC is set to launch its introductory product, homes.com.eg.

Homes.com.eg promises to be one of the most significant innovations in real estate, connecting buyers with quality houses anywhere in the world.

Platform Leaders and homes.com.eg are the results of Elbatrawy's experience as a successful entrepreneur and seasoned realtor. His valuable insights informed the development of the platform, and realized his goals of getting people into their dream homes and helping real estate agents succeed like he has.

Elbatrawy attributes much of his success in the real estate industry to his technique of staging and showcasing houses in a way that allows buyers to see themselves living there. He plans to build capabilities into the platform to incorporate this sales strategy.

Homes.com.eg utilizes the latest technological advancements in search algorithms. Its goal is to provide buyers with access to all the information they need - like tax information and title documents - from the comfort of their current homes.

Elbatrawy believes the platform - the first of its kind - will be the next big thing in the industry. It will change the way real estate agents practise.

"There are so many people out there who don't have access to the knowledge and resources required to make their real estate dream come true," Elbatrawy says. "Homes.com.eg is going to arm them with these resources and make it all possible. It's going to be an exciting journey."

The launch of homes.com.eg is one of the most anticipated tech releases in the history of real estate.

Associated Press

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