AccoinGreen is a payment system revolution

From QR codes to eWallets and cryptocurrency exchange platforms, crypto is becoming an increasingly viable means of payment in retail and business settings.

AccoinGreen aims to revolutionise the crypto payment infrastructure by creating a better platform to ensure instant transactions, faster processing and integration across all industries.

While some businesses are slow to get on board the crypto bandwagon, many are readily embracing it, due to low transaction fees and transparency. This trend seems permanent, and AccoinGreen is emerging as an innovative leader in this space.

AccoinGreen is a BEP-20 token that is ready to disrupt existing payment methods in finance, e-commerce, supply chains, and more. It is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. AccoinGreen provides the integration, intelligence and technology that businesses need to succeed locally and globally.

"Leveraging modern payment technology, we help businesses remove payment barriers, optimise operating costs and improve their users' experience," Cameron Guymer, CEO of AccoinGreen.

AccoinGreen's proprietary platform provides seamless pay-in and pay-out capabilities, solving the problems associated with many of the current payment methods, such as payment complexity, fraud and the unavailability of cryptocurrency payments.

"Using the Ethereum blockchain, the project will help customers transfer funds and make payments transparently," says Guymer. "This develops a decentralised and secure ecosystem, leveraging the services provided by the AccoinGreen platform."

AccoinGreen is also one of the first cryptocurrency projects to link its value to the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This concept facilitates the seamless payment for goods and services without being led into legacy business infrastructures and multiple intermediaries.

Good for you; good for the planet

AccoinGreen's environmental advocacy sets them apart. One percent of every transaction is used to purchase carbon credits, bringing the planet closer to net zero carbon.

"Our team is striving to reduce global warming by contributing to the carbon-free movement, and we plan to assist more green initiatives in the future," says Guymer.

You can buy their ACCG here. You can communicate with AccoinGreen's team via Facebook and Twitter.


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