A Review of Vow Protects - How This Tech Startup Is Revolutionizing the Jewelry Business

The most treasured things in life are valuable for more significant reasons other than what is on the price tag, be it a family heirloom or a newly bought piece of jewellery. The value is a combination of memories, moments, history, and sentiments, costing far more than just the money you paid for it. Even if money is no object, replacing these priceless items can be difficult. Luckily, Vow is here to safeguard those that are the most important to you financially and sentimentally.

How Vow Started

Cabril DeAbreu had a personal problem of always losing and misplacing irreplaceable valuables that either had sentimental or monetary value. At some point, they became impossible to replace. In making it his mission to not let anybody else experience what he has, he established Vow.

Industry-Standard Asset Protection

When it comes to the critical features of personal jewellery, Vow has everything covered, from the gem's size and shape to its clarity and grade. All of these little details nuances make a piece truly unique to its owner. With the help of Cabril DeAbreu, people are able to add an extra layer of protection around those details.

Vow combines industry-standard asset protection insurance with digital imagery, data, and comprehensive profiles to preserve the details of sentimental items in the event of loss or theft. This makes it a little easier to replace them with an identical one if their customers ever need to.

The Digital Jewelry Box

The team at Vow has garnered some buzz with their innovative digital jewelry box. They have revolutionized the jewelry business by helping people create a profile for their unique item using more than 127 categories and combinations.

The digital jewelry box also allows people to keep track and manage their jewelry, get digital appraisals, insure your most valuable items, and more all in one place. Owners can track and add new items to their jewelry box directly from a purchase receipt, whether they are on desktop or mobile.

Maximum Security for Your Assets

Vow helps people secure their most prized possessions without any hassle. Aside from digital jewelry categorization and tracking, they offer a precision replacement guarantee, as well as jewelry insurance concierge and maintenance insights. For people who have bought or received new pieces of jewelry, the best place to go is Vow.

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