3 reasons you can't afford to miss Unconvention 2022

The Entourage's premier event, Unconvention, is back. And the 2022 edition is set to be the biggest Unconvention yet, with $3.5 billion worth of speaker talent, 10,000 attendees from over 20 countries, and plenty of untold stories from some of the world's greatest entrepreneurs.

We've compiled 3 reasons why you can't afford to miss Unconvention this year.

In a world of constant change, unconventional thinking is winning the day

In 2022, the only constant is change. The businesses, and the entrepreneurs leading them and rise to the top are those who dare to challenge the status quo. When Peter Alexander was in school, he was constantly told that he would never amount to anything due to his dyslexia. He then went into fashion and created a nightwear brand, not an industry known for being led by men. He's since gone on to create an iconic Australian business generating 9-figure returns.

Take $3.5 billion worth of experience to your business

Where else can you spend a day over $3.5 billion worth of business experience, hear first hand the stories and invaluable lessons they gained along the way, and apply them straight to your own business? Tobi Pearce, the Co-Founder of Sweat has gone on a journey most entrepreneurs can only dream of. What began as a humble eBook in 2015 has now grown to a global fitness empire. Tobi recently sold his stake in Sweat for $209 million, capping off a period of incredible growth for the 29 year old entrepreneur. You'll be able to hear Tobi's story and what contributed to Sweat's meteoric rise for free at Unconvention.

Join and connect with like-minded business owners for free

Unconvention which has been voted the best event in Australia for entrepreneurs, and in the top 3 events globally by Entrepreneur Magazine. Thousands of business owners across Australia, and the world, will be tuning in to hear the stories that shaped some of the world's greatest entrepreneurs.

If you're a business owner looking to hear the unconventional stories behind this world class lineup, connect with a community of entrepreneurs at the top of their game, and catapult your own business to the next stage of growth, you can claim your ticket to Unconvention now for free.

Unconvention 2022 will be on March 10th, available live on Zoom from 10AM AEST. Claim your ticket here.

Mariah Klay
The Entourage

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