2022 HighNote Marketing Review

As the world goes electronic, many business owners shift their advertising strategies from traditional to digital. Despite the emergence and surge of several digital marketing agencies, finding one with five-star ratings seems difficult. That's not the case with Anthony Lakkis and his HighNote Marketing team.

The group's combined experience of more than 50 years in the digital marketing industry has made them experts in the field. Digging deeper into customers' experiences with HighNote Marketing uncovers five-star reviews like this:

"Anthony and the team have been amazing in transforming our business for the digital world. We had so many bad experiences in the past with other digital agencies, where we had no idea what they were doing, and were charging us exorbitantly for the work. We have a clear path now on how to continually grow our business online, and Anthony and HighNote have been integral to that."

HighNote has aided several established companies looking to increase their leads by implementing effective sales funnel strategies. The team has worked with a food and coffee chain owned by a world-famous fast food restaurant, a renowned application development company, a major heating products manufacturer and supplier, and many others.

Since its establishment in 2019, HighNote has managed more than 120 campaigns, developed more than 40 apps and generated more than $15 million in revenue for its clients. Its mission to increase businesses' sales by over 300% is very much possible, as evidenced by the 38% average year-on-year growth experienced by companies that partnered with HighNote.

According to managing director Anthony Lakkis, what sets HighNote apart from all other agencies is that they don't work on a lock-in contract basis. His team works on a month-to-month basis, holding them accountable for the results each month.

HighNote's dedication to transparency and data driven results have allowed it to grow by more than 1500% each year since starting the business. This growth is unprecedented and beyond the expectation in such a cluttered industry. Lakkis believes their work ethic has helped them stand out in the eyes of elite businesses.

The team specialises in pay-per-click advertising, SEO, social media management and web and app development. HighNote uses the latest industry-leading tools to build and analyse campaigns, ensuring effective leads generation. The company's strategies include increasing the number of prospective clients and retention rate through brand awareness and loyalty.

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