#1 Fast-Growing Land For Sale Company: How Hundreds of People Are Buying Land with Once Upon a Brick Inc. Land Investments

There is no easy and fast way to make money and accumulate wealth. However, there are investment vehicles that can help grow capital gradually and consistently, and millionaires and billionaires all over the world prefer this kind of asset class. In fact, Scottish-American billionaire Andrew Carnegie once divulged that 90% of millionaires acquired their wealth by investing in real estate. For some investors, buying vacant lands with the intention of flipping or using them to build commercial infrastructure has enabled them to increase their return on investments ten-fold.

Despite the tested and proven benefits of buying land, many are still hesitant to purchase land because of the challenges and difficulties buyers experience when closing a deal. Chief of these reasons is the rampant disqualification for bank loans buyers experience when applying for financing. Fortunately, many companies have risen, intending to eliminate the hindrances to land buying. One such firm is Once Upon a Brick Inc. Land Investments. Its business model is unique in that it allows interested buyers to purchase a parcel of land even if they aren't financially backed by lenders or banks. Instead, buyers enter into seller-financed land agreements, also known as land contracts.

Quite a few companies have adopted this model, but many of them still require buyers to provide credit reports to ensure they have manageable debt-to-income ratios and won't default on their deals, not to mention the interests and large down payments they require from buyers. This arrangement is still unfavorable for some buyers who have inaccurate, negative items listed on their credit. This is where Once Upon a Brick Inc. Land Investments truly sets itself apart. Since most of the properties listed on its website are owned by the company itself or its partners, it can offer any parcel of land to interested buyers without the need for credit checks. It also gives them the freedom to provide deals following a monthly payment plan without interest and fees. In fact, most of the properties listed can be purchased at $100 a month over a fixed period, virtually the same price as most buyers pay in a month for their daily dose of caffeine.

Unsurprisingly, the business model Once Upon a Brick Inc. Land Investments has followed over the past couple of years has made it one of the fastest-growing land-for-sale companies across the US, helping hundreds of buyers acquire properties without the challenges that normally come with real estate investing.

Mike M.
Once Upon a Brick Inc. Land Investments

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