From Pizza to Posturing the Force: Realizing the Army's Unified Network

The AUNP operational framework is made up of three phases: set, operationalize and continuously modernize. Within those are five lines of effort (LOEs): establish the unified network; posture the force for multidomain operations; security and survivability; reform processes and policies; and network sustainment. The Army is currently in phase one of realizing the operational framework with goals to move to phase two by 2025 and phase three by 2028, Col. Riley said.

Network convergence and streamlining access to various applications are key components in establishing the unified network. For example, as the Army implements Microsoft Teams as the primary voice capability tool, some access features remain blocked. “I can only call Teams people and get patched through other systems. “We want the ability to just use this to order pizza, as we like to say,” Col. Riley joked. “I should be able to use this system, hit a button, call off the DODIN-A [Department of Defense Information Network-Army] network and interface with ordering pizza or call home, or whatever I need to do.”

For companies that would like to assist the Army, Col. Riley has one request: "We do not want to buy new stuff. If you have the ability to take what we have already done and knit it together to push this forward, that is what we need from industry partners.”

AFCEA’s TechNet Augusta 2022 provides a fantastic opportunity to speak with Army members about the AUNP, along with its many other projects and operations.

Click here to watch SIGNAL Media’s full on-demand webinar, The Army Unified Network Plan – Setting the Stage for the Unified Network. The series is a precursor to AFCEA’s TechNet Augusta event, taking place August 15-18 in Augusta, Georgia. Be sure to register today.