Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp update makes warehouse free

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp received a brand new update yesterday which boasts a lot of exciting new features. The standout of this new update is making a previously existing feature free for all players: The warehouse. The warehouse is an essential space for Animal Crossing collectors (aka hoarders), providing thousands of spaces for extra items.

Previously available only as part of the Pocket Camp Club Furniture & Fashion Plan which cost $7.99 a month, this functionality is now free for all players. Anyone who already paid for the warehouse will be receiving a special consolation gift of a Terrain Exchange Ticket, plus thirty Leaf Tickets per month they were subscribed to the plan.

In addition to the warehouse, this update also makes storage easier by providing a third floor option for player cabins, allowing you to save more outfits, and more! For the complete list of changes from this update, see below.