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Good Samaritans fight off irate man attacking highway patrol cop

A brawl between a California Highway Patrol officer and a suspect ended thanks to the intervention of some good Samaritans. "I punched the guy in the ribs, but it felt like nothing," Everado Navarro, one of the bystanders who intervened, told KCAL. At that...

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A2337 cracked screen how to get external monitor to work

You need special USB-C cable. It has USB-C on (at least) one end but supports Thunderbolt for video. That MBA USB-C port is USB-C and Thunderbolt combined. Easiest is to get USB-C to HDMI or DisplayPort cable (I use one), but if this is MBA with only one US...

Locket App Not Sending Code? How To Fix The Annoying Bug

Locket app users may encounter a bug during the setup process that stops verification codes from being sent, and makes it impossible for users to complete their profile. At its core, Locket is a very simple application. People download the app, add each oth...