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Samuel Adam's new beer is so strong it's illegal in 15 states

New York, NY (CNN) Samuel Adam's is launching a new, limited edition beer, and it packs such a potent punch it's illegal in 15 states. The brewer releases a new version of its Utopias brand every two years, and the twelfth edition will be on shelves startin...

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Texas doctor says he violated the state's strict new abortion law

Washington (CNN) A Texas doctor is publicly revealing that he violated a state law that bans abortions after six weeks and says he is inviting legal challenges under the controversial law, which has so far withstood efforts by pro-abortion rights supporters...

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Do iPhone 12 cases fit the new iPhone 13?

The iPhone 13 is here and it features a design that is nearly identical to the iPhone 12, with flat edges, an edge-to-edge display, and more. Unfortunately, however, there is one small change that means your iPhone 12 cases won’t fit your new iPhone 13. iP...

Ask HN: How did Google botch messaging/video/hangouts so badly?

Several years ago, from within Gmail, I could: * Make a phone call * Send an SMS * Send a Google chat * Start a video call with my parents Now, all of this has been split up, and to start a video call, I have to start a video and send an email inviting some...